“I was working on my dissertation when I met Jan over the phone. I was stuck, frustrated, angry and out of ideas. Jan is one of the best investments I've made. I was amazed at how quickly I came to trust her. Her tools and guidance gave me traction, both for finishing the dissertation (I did finish it and my Ph.D.!)  and for my current consulting career. Jan is gold!” Heidi Bigler-Cole, PhD, Facilitation Expert and All Around Meeting Wrangler See Video Here

“Working with Jan has helped my confidence bloom!  She is very helpful in directing you to think about all the things you can do and how you can maintain positive thinking along the way.  I really like her solution focused approach and ability to help you discover what is best for your own personal growth.” −Shelby Seegers, LCSW   See Video Here

“I began working with Janice Staab at a point when my professional life had completely consumed me and was smothering my spirit. Through her skillful coaching she helped me to discover a new life path, a deeper spiritual connection, and to uncover a writing talent. I made a bold life change and can again celebrate my journey into the future.” −Cindy Davie, Vice President for Organizational Development

“Jan worked with me on various habits that impeded my evolution as a person. One of the things Jan has helped me with is communicating. In the past, I have had difficulties recognizing my needs, much less expressing them.  This trait resulted in a lot of frustration. Many of my problems were never really getting resolved. Jan helped me to develop a way to recognize my needs and effectively communicate them. A very small modification in how I think has had a large, positive impact on my life. Jan has a talent for figuring out my deficits and then giving me the tools I need to improve myself both mentally and physically. She has improved me!”  ­­ −Katherine Poulos, Pharmacist

"When I first walked into Janice’s office, I was feeling overwhelmed, feeling like I was going through each day merely seeking to check items off my to-do list, and feeling guilty when I did take a little time for the things that brought me true joy.  My priorities were not in order, and I knew I needed help because this wasn’t the way I wanted to spend my days – in a futile pursuit of completing my to-do list.  With Janice’s patient guidance through discussions, journal writing, and “mini-assignments,” I have been able to realign my priorities.  And these priorities help me to better order my days.  Janice has directed me through exploring how I got to be where I was and to make conscious changes to my mindset and daily habits that allow me to set boundaries and experience joy each day.  From weeding out time-wasters to not feeling guilty asking for help, all of these changes have set me on a more fulfilling path that allows for spiritual, personal, and relational growth.  I am truly thankful for Janice’s help in guiding me through this process." −Mamie Fulk

“I decided to talk with a life coach when I consciously realized that I did not have any professional plans for my life past retirement. I began to panic and feel very emotional a lot of the time throughout a normal day. Jan takes you through a process, all along the way building your confidence about making changes in your life. The best thing I discovered about working with Jan is I have the confidence to do what I want to do by taking small steps, and realizing the successes in those small steps.  I learned from Jan that almost everything we do, or don't do, is based on self-confidence. Jan taught me to journal feelings about different life events that hinder me in daily life. She taught me how to set realistic goals and to allow myself to adjust goals if it just isn't working for me. There is life after retirement. −Linda Benz, Retired and Happy  See Video Here

“I used several of the tools Jan helped me develop just this morning.  I was feeling over-whelmed, feeling I had no control of my life. But then I remembered that that was the old way of thinking. I am the one in charge of how I respond in situations.  Thanks to Jan, I was able to make a plan, set some goals, determine any obstacles that I should watch for, and begin to move forward.  Prior to working with Jan, I might have spent days or weeks feeling overwhelmed, not being able to figure out what to do.  This often led to feelings of depression. I’m so glad I found Jan. What a difference her coaching has made in my life and business!”  −DM  See Video Here

“When I found myself in a very toxic marriage, I filed for divorce and moved out of my home rather abruptly with my daughters.  This time was the most challenging time of my life.  Looking at my past and reflecting on the hows and whys of how I ended up in an abuse relationship and my role in the situation was an important part of healing.  Janice provided the next stepping stone to get me over the many hurdles and bridges that span the journey of my path forward in finding me again.  She helped me to set personal goals and held me accountable so that I could regain the confidence I once had. Janice’s services far exceeded my expectations. Janice was my direction, my guidance at a time when I didn’t have the reserves to guide myself.  Janice has been one of my true gifts along my journey of rediscovering who I am as an individual and rebuilding a new life for me and my children.  She is simply the best!” −Tracie Griffith See Video Here

"Janice helped me to be aware of negative self talk and start treating myself better." Rene Cook See Video Here

“I was 29 years old. I had achieved success in everything I knew. I completed college, enjoyed an extremely successful career, was debt free and shared in an incredibly happy marriage. From the outside, I'm sure it appeared that I was living a dream. But on the inside, I felt lost and depressed. I didn't know who I was. I discovered Jan's website and I felt hope. It was a sign. I didn't know exactly what I needed, but I knew I wanted Change. It looked like she may be able to help. I was too young for life to start happening to me. I wanted to make things happen. I never saw Jan in person, but she was able to make a strong connection with me via our weekly phone conversations. Somehow, she was able to intuitively lead me in the direction I needed to go to rediscover myself. Together, we explored who I was and the person I wanted to become. Our conversations ranged from simple strategies I could use to set boundaries at work, to the complex reasons I have such a fear of dying. She presented me with questions that helped me really think about what was important to me, and she helped me find me again. In short, she helped me find the courage to not only make a job change, but to start enjoying life again. I even called her back three or so years later and she helped me through planning a simple presentation for work! In my opinion, there's nothing Jan can't help anyone with if they're willing to try. I'm forever grateful for her compassion and talent that impacted my life so significantly. Thank you, Jan!!!!” −Cassie Fleming, Occupational Therapist

“Jan has a deep intuitive sense about human nature. She challenges her clients to explore their own potential for growth and positive life change.” −Kitrina Hunter, Business Owner

“I worked with Jan after leaving a job in the ministry that I had held for almost nine years. And it was one of the best professional decisions I've ever made!  She really pushed me to think about myself first, my values, to get clear about what I wanted out of life and a career.  And when I began to think of new directions in my professional journey, Jan was a wealth of knowledge!  She seemed to know everything about everything and was always able to point me in the right direction. She helped me to open up to new possibilities and to re-gain my self-confidence. I cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone desiring to make a career change!” −Sam Foskey, Minister and Author See Video Here

"Coaching helped me create a business I love!" Denise Sedlacek  See Video Here

“Jan helped me through a transition period in my life going from my J-O-B to helping me find my passion and purpose in life. She was very helpful walking me through steps on gaining balance and structure to my day, week and month. She would always ask the right questions sometimes hard questions to help me reevaluate my thinking and reasons for doing things.  Thanks Jan!!!”  −Carol Bastien, Business Owner

“Jan gave me the tools I needed to gain true insights into the life I wanted to live. In specific terms, that has meant learning to identify, acknowledge, accept and address those thoughts and actions that were preventing me from making the decisions I knew were best for me. Working with Jan made it easier to act on my decision to switch careers, to explore my future as an opportunity to realize a long deferred dream, and to break free from my negative patterns. I can’t begin to express my appreciation for the work Jan did with me. It has made an enormous, positive difference in my life!” −Mary M., Researcher