Micro Faith

Most people who struggle with faith tend to think of it as an all or nothing thing, especially when it’s in short supply. Either you believe or not. You know God can get you through this challenge or you don’t. You have faith that God gave you the ability to succeed, or that you’ll likely fail.

Yet, human faith rarely manifests in such absolute terms.  Framing faith in all or nothing terms blocks you from experiencing the living, breathing confidence in God that’s growing stronger in your heart each time you meet a goal or learn a lesson, even a small, simple one.

Why make faith so difficult to attain? Instead, seek to develop micro faith, the faith as small as a mustard seed. Limit the scope and intensity that your faith must have in order to “count.” Focus on the infinitely accomplishable and easily doable things that you can hang your faith on every day.

Are you absolutely confident that you’ll never have the life, the relationship, the career you want? Keep centering your thoughts and actions on these negative assumptions and you can be all but certain that you won’t. However, generating a tiny bit of micro faith, taking a step in the direction you feel God calling you to move, will shift your energies in a positive direction.

What that one small step is depends on where you are in your faith walk. You might begin with a brief morning meditation or prayer centered on the changes you want to make. Make this a sacred time devoted to nurturing your ability to believe in God’s call on your life. Open yourself up to new ideas and allow yourself to receive guidance as to the next steps.

As you pray, ask God to show you, “what is the smallest action that I could take today that would honor what You are calling me to do? I’m not ready for a big action just yet.” Then take that action. You don’t need to have faith in the end of your journey. You just have to believe God enough to take that first small step!

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