We don’t always have a choice about the changes we face. Life can wreak havoc on our plans just as easily as it grants us the deepest desires of our hearts. But we can always choose how we’ll  react and act when the unexpected or unwanted thing happens. We can choose who we’ll be in each situation.

Think of a person who has gotten a great new job or found her perfect soulmate. She’s thrilled at the beginning. But after that initial infusion of excitement, she becomes stressed out at work or disenchanted with a once beautiful romance.

Now think of a person who has gotten a bad medical report or lost a job. But instead of being down, she keeps a positive mindset and does what needs to be done to restore the life she wants. What makes the difference in these two cases? What allows one woman to thrive in adversity, while the other woman sabotages her success?

Put simply, each woman is taking different INTENTIONAL STEPS every day to create the life she’s living. One woman creates possibility out of tragedy. One creates failure out of success.

Every one of us is in the same boat. We take intentional steps every day to create our lives. And to a large extent, we have allowed our lives to become precisely what they now are by the choices we’ve made…or refused to make.

Happiness, fulfillment and purpose don’t happen because of the big choices we make. It’s the small, seemingly insignificant, often unconscious choices we make each day that accumulate…step by step…to create the person we are and the life we lead.