Our Approach

Dr. Janice Staab is a writer, teacher, philosophical counselor, and life coach. After 15+ years as an academic philosopher and an elder in her church, she’s committed to having the conversations that matter with ourselves, others, and God. Inhabited by grace and inspired by love, these are the conversations that heal hearts, forge authentic connections, and compel life-changing action.

In her practice, Dr. Staab works primarily with women who are navigating the common, but often complicated transitions in life such as career change, divorce, the empty nest and the “what do I want to do with my life after 40” syndrome. She helps clients to explore difficult personal challenges such as lack of self-confidence, inability to prioritize, organization/time management and balancing the demands of home, work and family. Many of her clients use philosophical counseling and life coaching in conjunction with or as follow-ups to traditional psychological therapy.